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(BE) Brussel

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Hello, I am Stefano 36 year old. I have been living in Brussels since March 2016. I move easily from the office with the suit during the week to the wood with my beloved truffles hunting dog Filou during weekends. I was born and bred in Rome but spent all the summers (3 months) in Abruzzo where my grandparents were living in a small countryside village of 300 persons. There I have nurtured my passion for nature and grasped the gift of a less frenetic life by following my farmer uncle. I am not there yet, but I would love to increase my days spent in contact with nature and learn to grow my own vegetables. I do not have a garden and I am not a farmer geek…but I have two arms and good legs ;) if you need a volunteer in the area close to Brussels, I will be very eager to help. P.s. I have a car

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